This year’s G2E has been an absolute success. As WSPS made its first appearance at The Global Gaming Expo it did not appear that it was their first time. Dominating the attention of Tribal and Commercial Casinos while making a stamp in the market with its flyer stating that they were the number #1 Slot Machine Parts Supplier it was clear that the attention that was given to their booth showed why they are at the top when it comes to providing slot machine parts.

Monitors, Bill Validtors, Power Supplies, and CPU’s are just a small portion of what WSPS has to offer to the Casinos.The latest product that will be added to WSPS’s inventory will be the inevitable Tito Ticket Printer Paper.

Their manufacturing facility is said to have the capability to produce 3 Million Copies a day, print up to 6 colors, and can even provide their ticket printer paper in lots of 200,400, 600, and 800 giving them a much more competitive advantage on which supplier you should choose to order your slot machine parts from.

We are looking forward to next year’s 2022 G2E and hope that you are just excited as we are as we continue to grow and will always for focus on our customers because “Your Service is Our Satisfaction” Cheers